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starting with stop-motion Legos™ back in 1980-something, Adam has been drawing and animating ever since. He has worked on sets for live-action production, in multiple animation studios performing animation and motion graphics production, one video game company as a level designer, and one marketing agency as a multimedia consultant for pharma-client driven productions, sales pitches, and new business. Graduated Mason Gross School of Visual Arts (New Brunswick NJ, 1998), BFA Film/Video and School of Visual Arts (NYC, 2005) BFA Character Animation. He has been around the academic and professional environments of film and animation production for roughly 14 years and has been assisting and/or directing dozens of projects. Whether it for others or himself, Adam is a "creative" with a background allows him to be an artist as well as a detailed oriented professional. Film and animation festivals of his work have been screened in: The BeFilm Underground, Animation Block Party, Worldfest Houston, Red Stick International, Miami International, Red Bank International, Tel Aviv Animation Festival, ASIFA-East awards show, and Animayo.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

dry erase inspiration

I don't have the story to go with it, but I've been playing around with a spec-op project. It's been some time since I animated full-body human beings. I've been deliberately avoiding it because it's difficult for me to justify animation as the medium for behavior that everyday people can do. On that same note, my feeling is that many people still respond the most to the stories of people.

This may all be crazy talk, but I know that the silliness of design is not my goal with this idea. I would like to have something more real this time around. We'll see...

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